Definition of Pils in English:



(also pils)
  • A type of lager beer with a strong hop flavor.

    ‘Weighing in at an estimated 30 stone, he admits to taking Pils and could be accused of having a performance-enhancing belly as a result.’
    • ‘Michael drank fewer than three pints of lager while Taylor had a bottle of Pils and four double rum and cokes.’
    • ‘A single pint of Holstein Pils contains 3.5 units, almost enough to take a man over the four-unit limit at which he is likely to exceed the legal blood-alcohol level.’
    • ‘A pint of Beck's contains 2.9 units, and a single pint of Holstein Pils contains 3.5, almost enough to take a man over the four-unit limit.’
    • ‘For the adventurous, Brew Brothers' Garlic Pils will be available in bottles.’
    • ‘My first beer was the Pils, from draught of course.’
    • ‘While doing so, he'd also prepared a beaut Caribbean meal for us to have before setting out to the great tragedist's gig: golden dumplings, rice and peas, fried cod and approximately three bottles of ice-cold German Pils.’
    • ‘Yorkshire water, for some reason, was good for producing bitter - while over in Czechoslovakia, apparently, the water is great for making Pils.’
    • ‘But it's Borussia investors who are really crying into their plastic cups of Pils.’
    • ‘My bar mate would ensure a constant surreptitious supply of bottled Pils (on the house of course) and I would be off.’
    • ‘Mr Gami and Mr Pinduria each drank Holsten Pils while I drank Coke.’
    • ‘I started off straight away, after having a long swig of a bottle of Pils, thirsty after the drive.’



/pilz/ /pɪlz/


1950s abbreviation of Pilsner.