Definition of pimiento in English:


(also pimento)

Pronunciation /pəˈmyen(t)ō/ /pəˈmjɛn(t)oʊ/


  • A red sweet pepper.

    mass noun ‘a casserole of deviled pimiento’
    • ‘Otherwise known as bell peppers, capsicum and pimento, sweet peppers are natural partners to Provençal vegetables such as courgettes, aubergine and tomatoes.’
    • ‘That evening in Yegen I ate a marvellous cazuela a stew of rice, potatoes, green vegetables, meat, tomatoes, pimentos, onions and garlic, powdered almonds and saffron, named after the pot it is cooked in.’
    • ‘Black pepper is used sparingly, but fresh cilantro, thyme, oregano, onion, garlic, pimento, and tomato are fundamental ingredients in the preparation of meats, soups, and vegetable hashes.’
    • ‘They found that the 10 most inhibitory oils were derived from thyme, cinnamon, bay, clove, almond, lovage, pimento, marjoram, angelica, and nutmeg.’
    • ‘Combine chicken, onion, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, milk, mushrooms, pimentos, garlic, pepper, parsley and poultry seasoning in large bowl; mix well.’
    • ‘My meal began with a pickled quail egg touched with mashed black truffles, and a little pot of mashed Cheddar cheese and pimentos, served with toast points arranged on a silver rack.’
    • ‘Best of all perhaps, were four ‘burnt cream pots’ flavoured, respectively, with wild mountain sorrel, red pimento, verbena and saffron honey.’
    • ‘Couscous, a dish made with granulated seminola grains, is usually topped with mutton, veal, or beef and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, turnips, and pimentos.’
    • ‘Pimentón is made from pimientos that are grown locally, and then slowly dried over an oakwood fire.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, process pimentos and lemon juice in a food processor for 30-45 seconds, until a sauce forms.’
    • ‘I actually did not know this about pimentos, thinking them only as olive stuffing.’
    • ‘Here, you can ride a tour wagon through acres of banana, coconut, pimento and other crops.’
    • ‘Jonathan and his team can be seen in the open kitchen whipping up modern dishes - tortellini of lobster and truffle, Moroccan spiced lamb rump with stuffed pimento.’
    • ‘He draws two olives above the horizontal line, and shades everything but the pimentos.’
    • ‘The pimientos rellenos for €6.90 consisted of oven-baked peppers stuffed with spiced lamb and almonds.’
    • ‘Your choice of peppers may have been limited to bell, pimento, or banana.’
    • ‘, asked Rex, ‘I can make you a pimento cheese sandwich.’’
    • ‘A main course prepared by students from the Trisakti School of Tourism consisted of stewed beef stuffed in pimentos, served with mashed sweet potatoes, a perfect treat for food lovers.’
    • ‘The soil is good for pimento, and there's still some grown on the property.’
    • ‘Mash cheese, pimento, mayonnaise, and hot pepper sauce in a small bowl with a fork until well combined.’


Mid 17th century from Spanish, from medieval Latin pigmentum ‘spice’, from Latin, ‘pigment’.