Definition of pin-up in English:



  • 1A poster showing a famous or attractive person.

    • ‘Amongst a second set of Glastonbury posters is a pin-up of Michael and Emily Eavis.’
    • ‘Who was your bedroom wall poster pin-up: David Cassidy?’
    • ‘Cover images were pin-ups for the people, available on newsstands everywhere.’
    • ‘The walls are filled with pin-up posters of Abba, the Bee Gees, and Shaun Cassidy.’
    • ‘And be still my beating heart, a stunning collection of old pin-ups, magazines and paperbacks for sale on e-bay.’
    • ‘You could stick it next to your pin-up of Hendrik Verwoerd, another old white man who thought his Bible held some useful tips on how to manage human affairs.’
    • ‘By reuniting the oft-reproduced images of Che Guevara and the Baader-Meinhof pin-ups with their tenets of belief, LaBruce puts the radical back into radical chic.’
    • ‘Adam was checking out a calendar with pin-ups of models when he saw me clutching all the posters of him, ‘Whoa, I never knew you were so into me.’’
    • ‘Is it just us, or does all this retro culture stuff seem infused with an element of cheesecake, a world where the pin-up was the height of visual elegance?’
    • ‘Women soldiers will also have to take down their favorite pin-ups, as one clause, expressly formulated to include both men and women, prohibits them from hanging up pornographic images that might offend others.’
    • ‘I also want to thank the editors of The Nation for their playfulness and/or insensitivity in allowing my perky pin-up to get into print.’
    • ‘And a testosterone-driven culture was further fed by the pin-up, culminating in the Page 3 Girl.’
    • ‘I pondered what it would feel like, going to one of my mates houses and having him show me the latest pin-up in his garage, only to find that it would be her.’
    • ‘One of the ‘girls’ in the office has a pin-up of Robert Montgomery on the wall.’
    • ‘The owner of each disc will receive a special prize and a signed pin-up!’
    • ‘Football's original pin-up was described by university registrar James O'Kane as ‘noteworthy, sometimes notorious, but never ignored’.’
    • ‘Jacksonville Shipyard established that nude pin-ups in a locker - apart from any other consideration - constituted sexual harassment, even if the complainant was not targeted.’
    • ‘Scorsese reinforces the point by juxtaposing images of his own mother preparing food for prim and well-behaved children with the nudie pin-ups that adorn the walls at the hang-out of J.R. and his pals.’
    • ‘Before you know it, Petey is a panderer of pulchritude, a producer of pin-ups featuring barely dressed babes.’
    1. 1.1A person featured in a pin-up.
      • ‘Two of those legendary calendars, featuring the world's most glamorous pin-ups, currently have pride of place at Eastleigh Museum.’
      • ‘To the untrained eye, everyone appears more or less the same, the men going for a more authentic take on Mark Lamarr's look, the women modelling themselves on Fifties pin-ups.’
      • ‘But the all-star event - originally due to feature top acts like X Factor pin-ups G4 and Welsh songbird Katherine Jenkins on June 15-could still wow music fans later this summer.’
      • ‘By the turn of the century the pin-up was no longer a girl-next-doorish glamour model but that useful catch-all, a ‘celebrity’.’
      • ‘Another idea, to raise funds for three military charities, was a calendar fronted by Page 3 model and Forces pin-up Nell McAndrew and including Mrs Webster's son Nicky Coward.’
      • ‘Making a sharp exit, Urquhart found solace in modelling and an unlikely role as pin-up for girls' teen mag My Guy.’
      • ‘Porter, the former pin-up from Portobello - most famous for having her naked body projected on to the Houses of Parliament - is in high spirits.’
      • ‘Johansson is peeling off her clothes in a photographic studio in LA, in preparation for becoming the pin-up for Bono's new plan.’
      • ‘Some pin-ups will be present to sign calendars.’
      • ‘A tattoo artist at Tattoomania for two years now, she emblazons said objects with imagery heavily inspired by her trade and by old pin-ups.’
      • ‘We all can't be pin-ups like Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman, or rock stars like Bono or Sinead O'Connor, or gifted writers like Edna O'Brien or Norman Mailer.’
      • ‘A Kerry man, who became a calendar pin-up at the age of 90, has passed away.’
      • ‘In media that portray women largely as victims or pin-ups, we desperately need stories of ordinary Bangladeshi women who have beaten the odds.’
      • ‘There is a bold emphasis on image building and promoting the idea of the pin-up.’
      • ‘In related news, British Navy has rescinded their recent ban on the skin on the ships; British sailors will be again able to hang ‘in the privacy of their own quarters’ their favorite pin-ups.’
      • ‘The Daily Mirror strip finished in 1959 and things went quiet for Jane until the 1970s when Lesley Duff portrayed the pin-up in the musical stage-play Happy As A Sandbag.’
      • ‘McCoist is an icon, a pin-up, a hero, a joker, an enthusiast, but he will still be all of that tomorrow.’
      • ‘They're all the same height, they all dress the same, young girls fawn over them like pin-ups, but Turn are not a boy band.’
      • ‘A second print run may have to be considered as some of the club's strikers and defenders are becoming pin-ups.’
      • ‘The blond pin-up said he had three amazing years with Busted but was devoted to Fightstar.’
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