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  • 1A small salmon with dark spots on the back, native to the North Pacific and introduced into the northwestern Atlantic.

    Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, family Salmonidae

    ‘All the pieces are coming together and it's such a strong weight of evidence that sea lice from the fish farms are hurting the wild pink salmon.’
    • ‘Instead, the fisheries department opted to shut some - but not all - of the salmon farms in the area, to open a ‘migration route’ for the wild pink salmon.’
    • ‘The Council stated that the best option to ensure a low risk to out-migrating juvenile pink salmon in the spring of 2003 would be to empty all salmon farms of potentially lice-bearing adult salmon.’
    • ‘Alexandra Morton is again out on her boat sampling sea lice for the third year in a row, as the new generation of juvenile pink salmon are exiting the inlets.’
    • ‘Previous analyses of linkage in pink salmon, O. gorbuscha, involved a small number of matings.’
    • ‘If you're standing at the fish counter puzzled by what's a wild fish and what's farmed, remember this rule: Sockeye salmon, keta salmon, and pink salmon - all Pacific species - are always wild.’
    • ‘The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, estimates nearly 2 million pink salmon will navigate nearby waters and return to Puget Sound streams this summer, providing ample fishing opportunities.’
    • ‘Some of the species that enter freshwater to spawn are western brook lamprey, pacific lamprey, river lamprey, green sturgeon, white sturgeon, pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, and sockeye salmon.’
    • ‘In 1988 the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was expecting that, of all the pink salmon spawned in Southeast Alaska, 38 million would return.’
    • ‘Tourists jam Glendale Lodge in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, every fall to witness grizzlies feeding on pink salmon migrating upriver to spawn.’
    • ‘Another effect of the bears is reflected in the dorsal humps of male sockeye and pink salmon: they are smaller than the humps of salmon not exposed to bears.’
    • ‘Catches of pink salmon peaked in the 1940s but after statehood was achieved, management techniques improved and fish traps were outlawed.’
    • ‘Several species, including white sturgeon, pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, and sockeye salmon, come inland to spawn.’
    • ‘Arctic cod, arctic char, arctic cisco, arctic lamprey, pink salmon, and chum salmon are some common species of fish found in the ecozone.’
    • ‘Fish like pink salmon also experience stunted growth and other physical deformities many years after the accident.’
    • ‘Petrov, the kitchen boy who came with us could sometimes catch huge pink salmon and other types of fish for Olga to cook for us.’
    • ‘A thousand or more pink salmon are here in this Alaskan river, stacked one on the other in a tight school.’
    • ‘Although pink salmon and herring catches peaked in the two years immediately following the spill, the two fisheries have since collapsed.’
    • ‘North Shore residents are among those who took part in a rally Friday in Vancouver urging the fisheries department to close all salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago while pink salmon are migrating through the area.’
    • ‘The Alaskans countered that the sockeye landings were a permissible bycatch that unavoidably occurred while fishing for less-valuable pink salmon.’
    1. 1.1The flesh of the pink salmon used as food.
      ‘The canning was done in an antediluvian way: tins of pink salmon were placed into a capacious iron barrel with water and boiled for 4 hours on a powerful bonfire - ‘to kill all the microbes’.’
      • ‘‘We are introducing high quality beef from the US, grilled with our own seasonings, pink salmon from Atlanta and New Zealand lamb,’ he said.’
      • ‘Gardenia also serves all-time favourites such as Fish and Chips, served crisp and hot and Teriyaki pink salmon, which come char-grilled with crispy leeks.’
      • ‘The light green pile made a nice contrast with the pink salmon; placing a glass of water or white wine next to it would provide a sunny tableau, making it a particularly photogenic dish.’
      • ‘Mine was a large piece of pink salmon on a bed of spinach, topped with red and green sauce and matchsticks of courgette.’
      • ‘The next course was the salmon and sole, and imagine a Swiss roll, but instead of sponge and jam, you have pink salmon and white sole.’
      • ‘Few things that we eat are as good or good for us as a nice piece of fresh, pink salmon pulled out of the cold, pristine waters of our northern oceans and rivers.’
      • ‘The pink salmon has 34 g protein, 6 g fat and 1,700 mg omega.’


pink salmon

/piNGk ˈsamən/ /pɪŋk ˈsæmən/