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  • 1Conjunctivitis in humans and some livestock.

    ‘The daycare has gently reminded me that pink eye is a stay-at-home-sickness which usually lasts about a week.’
    • ‘By her own admission, she's already given everyone pink eye.’
    • ‘Touching your eye with germy fingers is a great way to get a cold or nasty eye infection such as pink eye.’
    • ‘So far I've managed to avoid getting pink eye and head lice.’
    • ‘Normally, pink eye will go away on its own, but in severe cases people will need antibiotics or other medical treatment.’
    • ‘My daughter went to the doctor and was diagnosed with pink eye and a sinus infection.’
    • ‘Symptoms of pink eye can include redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, itching of the eye, a gritty feeling in the eye, pain and increased tear production.’
    • ‘I had drug-resistant pink eye in the spring, and it was hell.’
    • ‘The viruses that cause herpes and pink eye thrive on moist, inanimate objects - making a pot of lip gloss, foundation, or eye shadow a perfect breeding ground.’
    • ‘Four percent of patients who were on acne medication contracted pink eye, compared to 2 percent for the normal population.’
  • 2A viral disease of horses, symptoms of which include fever, spontaneous abortion, and redness of the eyes.

    The virus belongs to the genus Arterivirus

    ‘The horse disease known as "pink eye" has at last reached this city, and is causing the street railroad company especially a great deal of inconvenience.’
    • ‘The medicine is successfully used with quick healing results for Pink Eye and conjunctivitis in horses and cattle.’
    • ‘Pink eye in horses is more serious than in humans and can easily lead to blindness.’



/ˈpiNGkˌī/ /ˈpɪŋkˌaɪ/