Definition of pinkly in English:



See pink

‘When she opened the cupboard, Alvin saw the inch-high Tyrannosaurus erect and gaping pinkly among the mugs.’
  • ‘His hands were broad and strong with fine, long fingers and, like me, he baked a nut brown under the summer sun until his fingernails glowed pinkly against his skin.’
  • ‘Almost constantly, the long tongue would loll pinkly from his jaws and lap at the bare, shiny patches of burnt skin that stretched across his torso and over one forearm.’
  • ‘The talking Magical Mecha Princess Ami doll glowed pinkly in the dim light.’
  • ‘As the last of the sun's rays glinted pinkly off the top of the eastern wall, the smell of a watery stew scented the area.’