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mainly historical
  • A small boat, with sails or oars, forming part of the equipment of a warship or other large vessel.

    ‘Jump point transits were rough on the crews of small ships like frigates, corvettes, and pinnaces.’
    • ‘‘The frigate and the pinnaces might be able to outmaneuver us,’ Brenner said, ‘but not the galleon.’’
    • ‘The cruisers and two pinnaces remained behind while Hillary's pinnace fled with another.’
    • ‘On June 9, 1873, Wyville Thomson and a party of the Scientifics and officers left the ship early in the morning aboard the steam pinnace.’
    • ‘In the middle the open water of the fairway is crowded with pinnaces, jolly-boats, cutters, and pleasure steamers.’



/ˈpinis/ /ˈpɪnɪs/


Mid 16th century from French pinace, probably based on Latin pinus ‘pine’ (see pine); compare with Italian pinaccia and Spanish pinaza.