Definition of pinniped in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpinēˌped/ /ˈpɪniˌpɛd/ /ˈpinəˌped/ /ˈpɪnəˌpɛd/


  • A carnivorous aquatic mammal of the order Pinnipedia, such as a seal or walrus.

    ‘Killer whales also prey on mammals such as other cetaceans and pinnipeds, as well as on birds and large fish.’
    • ‘Porpoising is a behavioral strategy used by small cetaceans and pinnipeds moving at high speed near the water surface.’
    • ‘This sensitivity could provide a means to track a dead whale's scent from miles away or find a pinniped rookery or haul-out site from their excrement droppings carried by the oceans currents.’
    • ‘Many arctic pinnipeds migrate with the movement of food, but also with the seasonal movement of the ice pack.’
    • ‘Results of seasonality studies of ringed seal canines, in addition to pinniped ratios, show the importance of the floe-edge habitat to Nugumiut residents in outer Frobisher Bay.’


  • Relating to or denoting pinnipeds.

    ‘We tested 42 microsatellite loci isolated from five pinniped species in a sample of 52 pups.’
    • ‘A healthy avoidance of pinniped colonies is another way to minimize human fatalities.’
    • ‘They look like seals, but sea lions actually belong to a different pinniped family.’
    • ‘Dr. Ronald Schusterman and his crew of students and researchers are investigating the comparative abilities of three pinniped species, including the California sea lion.’
    • ‘The living pinniped carnivores tend toward homodonty in the postcanine dentition and lack functional tooth replacement altogether.’