Definition of pipe up in English:

pipe up

phrasal verb

  • Say something suddenly.

    with direct speech ‘‘I'll go,’ I piped up’
    • ‘‘You'll adore the cottage,’ George pipes up suddenly.’
    • ‘Then Dad's work colleague, Martin, suddenly pipes up, ‘I hear you're following in Geoff's footsteps?’’
    • ‘‘This just shows his personal agenda,’ Josh pipes up.’
    • ‘Somebody else pipes up, ‘How about a cocktail party?’’
    • ‘A voice behind us in the security area pipes up, in a somewhat peeved tone, ‘It may as well be authentic - it's 200 years old!’’
    • ‘On the change in attitude on the doorstep, another volunteer pipes up: ‘There's no hostility or abuse this time.’’
    • ‘You're just a few miles into a gruelling car journey and a little voice pipes up: ‘Are we nearly there yet?’’
    • ‘‘I've been misquoted on this,’ she pipes up, clearly anxious to set the record straight.’
    • ‘‘Excuse me,’ Teddy piped up suddenly from the backseat.’
    • ‘Nicole piped up cheerfully, ‘Besides, I doubt we'll be here forever!’’