Definition of piscivorous in English:



  • (of an animal) feeding on fish.

    ‘As would be assumed with juvenile or young fish, some predation could occur from piscivorous birds.’
    • ‘The Yarra River is a large slow-moving stream that empties into the Caribbean Sea and contains many large piscivorous predators.’
    • ‘Those effects are exacerbated in piscivorous species, because of the tendency of PCBs to biomagnify at upper trophic levels.’
    • ‘Because of their feeding habitats, pelicans and other piscivorous birds usually don't contract avian botulism.’
    • ‘The bulk of their diet is made up of crustaceans and molluscs, larger fish become more piscivorous, feeding upon herring and sand eels.’
    • ‘This stream contains a diverse community of fishes, including the piscivorous cichlid fish, Petenia splendida.’



/pəˈsivərəs/ /pəˈsɪvərəs/


Mid 17th century from Latin piscis ‘fish’+ -vorous.