Definition of pistol grip in English:

pistol grip


  • (especially of a tool) a handle shaped like the butt of a pistol.

    ‘The shotgun stand-alone version is converted from the attachable version by adding a pistol grip and a butt stock.’
    • ‘On the range and in the field, the combination of the pistol grip and forward assist handle worked just fine.’
    • ‘One is located just behind the pistol grip and the other is all the way at the butt.’
    • ‘There was a handle in the rear, and a pistol grip and trigger in the front.’
    • ‘These weapons happened to be a loophole because they didn't have a pistol grip on the stock.’
    • ‘Here, Matt, is a picture of a shotgun with a pistol grip.’
    • ‘Of all the guns I've had over the years, my favorite was a sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip.’
    • ‘That means the stock has a pistol grip and both butt-stock and forearm are checkered.’
    • ‘The science and art of ergonomics dictates the use of the pistol grip for assault-style shooting, and closing the stock reduces its carrying length in tight places.’
    • ‘It also sports a hand-carved cheekpiece and checkering on the pistol grip, plus a thick ventilated rubber recoil buttpad with white-line spacer.’
    • ‘The combination of weight, a very effective recoil pad, the pistol grip and Remington's LE buckshot makes recoil almost a non-issue.’
    • ‘What caught my eye about the Knoxx product was the claim for the ‘Copstock,’ which consists of a pistol grip and a folding wire buttstock.’
    • ‘Giving the Nova a racy new look, the designers at Benelli replaced conventional checkering on the pistol grip and forearm with a series of molded parallel ribs.’
    • ‘‘I inflated my lifejacket and had a pistol grip underneath the casualty's chin to keep his head out of the water,’ he said.’
    • ‘The rifle is fitted with a pistol grip and single trigger that is heavier than I like because I'm like a four-pound-trigger kind of guy.’
    • ‘The shooting hand holds the rifle above the pistol grip and the fore end of the stock is cradled in the crook of the left arm.’
    • ‘Put sand bags under stock's fore-end and under the pistol grip.’
    • ‘Winchester offers its Defender Model 1300 series with a pistol grip.’
    • ‘I quickly jerked my head back, with a hand on my pistol grip.’
    • ‘Mossberg even packs a pistol grip with some of its models.’


pistol grip

/ˈpistl ˌɡrip/ /ˈpɪstl ˌɡrɪp/