Definition of pistolero in English:


nounplural noun pistoleros

  • (in Spanish-speaking regions) a gunman or gangster.

    ‘Not that these expert pistoleros would stretch the truth - as they apparently are all expert shots at long ranges.’
    • ‘Knowing this, most experienced pistoleros will gladly trade a little additional recoil for a lighter burden.’
    • ‘For many years, the National Matches drew over a thousand pistoleros.’
    • ‘He's so good, in fact, that the nastiest bunch of pistoleros in the Territory set out to recruit him to join their gang.’
    • ‘Some savvy pistoleros refer to it as the Rolls Royce of handgun holsters and I'm inclined to agree with them.’



/ˌpistəˈlerō/ /ˌpɪstəˈlɛroʊ/