Definition of pit-a-pat in English:


(also pitapat)

Pronunciation /ˈpidəˌpat/ /ˈpɪdəˌpæt/

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  • With a sound like quick light steps or taps.

    ‘my heart goes pit-a-pat’
    • ‘Our hearts went pitapat when we received the news that the inventors were all set to snap up the million-dollar prize.’
    • ‘Consequently, I'm doubly grateful for a CD of Rosner's orchestral music, and the designation ‘Volume 1 ‘makes my heart go pit-a-pat.’’
    • ‘By way of illustration, he invited his readers to ‘fancy Mr. Neville Chamberlain having twenty-five feet of intestines and a heart going pit-a-pat all the time.’’
    • ‘Working in minuscule, invisible circles, you clenched your teeth while your poor little heart went pit-a-pat?’
    beat rapidly, palpitate, pound, throb, pulsate, pulse, thud, thump, hammer, flutter, pitter-patter, quiver, pump, race, pant, thrill


in singular
  • A sound like quick light taps.

    beat, rhythm, patter, tap, chatter, pounding, thump, thumping, thud, thudding, rattle, rattling, pitter-patter, rat-a-tat, pit-a-pat, thrum, tattoo, vibration, throb, throbbing, pulsation


Early 16th century imitative of alternating sounds.