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pit bull

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(also pit bull terrier)
  • A dog of an American variety of bull terrier, noted for its muscular build.

    ‘In England, when they decided to ban the American pit bull terrier, they immediately had trouble identifying the dog.’
    • ‘Alex looked on at Nina, the puppy pit bull, and laughed as she pulled Andrea's swim shorts down with her teeth.’
    • ‘He went out one day when his pit bull was still a puppy, and it decided to chew stuff up, the way a puppy does.’
    • ‘My puppy was attacked by a pit bull while the owner watched.’
    • ‘I see nothing wrong with having pets in these areas, but the dog pictured appears to be a pit bull.’


pit bull

/ˈpit ˌbo͝ol/ /ˈpɪt ˌbʊl/