Definition of pit viper in English:

pit viper

Pronunciation /pit ˈvīpər/ /pɪt ˈvaɪpər/


  • A venomous snake of a group distinguished by visible sensory pits on the head that can detect heat emitted by their prey. They are found in both America and Asia.

    Subfamily Crotalinae, family Viperidae: numerous genera and species, including the rattlesnakes

    ‘Madam Relena had returned to her couch and now sat imperiously in it watching Mark as a pit viper does its prey.’
    • ‘First, it impersonates a pit viper, coiling and striking and hissing viciously.’
    • ‘The bushmaster, at up to 10 feet long, is the world's largest pit viper and a dangerous one.’
    • ‘Clark says timber rattlesnakes and other pit vipers may be the most social of all snakes.’
    • ‘They're even immune to the venom of rattlesnakes and other pit vipers.’