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(also pitch-dark)
  • Completely dark; as black as pitch.

    ‘the pitch-black night’
    • ‘His feathers were dark and sleek, as black as the pitch-dark night without a candle or a moon or a star.’
    • ‘The attackers came after me and got slightly more than they bargained for in the pitch-black dark house.’
    • ‘With nothing but a pitch-black, moonless night in front of me, my biggest concern was flying away from the water.’
    • ‘His trips there and back were spent praying for protection, praying he'd make it there safely and back in the pitch-dark night.’
    • ‘There is desultory chitchat on the verandah as evening slides into pitch-dark night.’
    • ‘Where we stayed there are no buses, no taxis, no trains, and the nearest pub is five miles away along unlighted, pitch-black roads.’
    • ‘No one could see anything at night because of the pitch-black darkness.’
    • ‘Davis felt a burst of mirth within him, for he knew the symbol well but could not comprehend how he could see black in a pitch-black environment.’
    • ‘He wore pitch-black pants and a black shirt with understated ruffles at the neck and sleeves.’
    • ‘He had dark skin and darker eyes, and his pitch-black hair was mopped up in a way that suggested this man cared not for outer appearances.’
    • ‘Randy was the ‘tall dark and handsome’ type with pitch-black hair and chocolate eyes.’
    • ‘He was tall, with long pitch-black hair in a ponytail and dark brown eyes.’
    • ‘The tears streamed down, dark as blood, reflected in the pitch-black canopy of sky.’
    • ‘I hiked furiously, but it was pitch-dark and snowing.’
    • ‘It's pitch-dark and I'm bone-tired… but the human can't go to sleep until he takes cares of the animals.’
    • ‘The rest of the year, the chamber is pitch-dark.’
    • ‘It was a pitch-dark room the size of an average bedroom with a mattress on the floor, no potty, no water, dark - very dark.’
    • ‘The subway froze in its tracks, and thousands of people found themselves trapped in stuffy box cars and pitch-dark tunnels.’
    • ‘It was a stilly pitch-dark morning; neither moon nor star nor light from house or electricity pole was to be seen.’
    • ‘That's where all the residents draw water from and lug it up the pitch-dark stairs.’
    black, dark, pitch dark, black as pitch



/ˌpiCH ˈblak/ /ˌpɪtʃ ˈblæk/