Definition of pitchout in English:



  • 1Baseball
    A pitch thrown intentionally away from the reach of the batter to allow the catcher a clear throw to put out a base runner who is stealing or leading off too far.

    ‘Pitchers also were taught to throw to first more often to keep the runner close; pitchouts have become more common, as well.’
    • ‘The first time George gave the steal sign, Roseboro picked it up, called for a pitchout and threw out Tracewski by a mile.’
    • ‘But Robinson also received a tepid response when he encouraged the catchers to call pitchouts in spring training.’
    • ‘The problem is, other managers have caught on and have begun to throw first-pitch pitchouts to thwart the squeeze.’
    • ‘He's fast enough to swipe bases on pitchouts, but he needs to learn how to read pitchers to know when to run.’
  • 2also pitchAmerican Football
    A lateral, especially from the quarterback to a running back.

    ‘Against Colorado, Texas began looking down field more and instituted reverses, pitchouts and the shuttle pass.’
    • ‘Wells was stuffed on a pitchout on fourth-and-one from the Houston 45.’
    • ‘He set up Tampa's first score with a 23-yard dash on a pitchout.’



/ˈpiCHˌout/ /ˈpɪtʃˌaʊt/