Definition of pitman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpitmən/ /ˈpɪtmən/

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  • 1A coal miner.

    ‘At 18, David Purnell, like so many pitmen, had followed his father into the industry after 18 months working as a butcher.’
    • ‘Thirty years ago, striking pitmen put the country on a three-day week and brought down the Heath government.’
    • ‘Their bosses are putting on free yoga classes for all workers in a bid to make pitmen more alert and flexible.’
    • ‘But the Wistow pitman says no amount of money can compensate for a crippling hand condition that could leave him on the unemployment scrap heap.’
    • ‘The sides of the pit contained open spaces where the pitman could stash small pots of oil and wedges.’
  • 2North American A connecting rod in machinery.

    • ‘The saw frame was then lowered, and the pitman, powered by the driving pulley, moved the saw frame back and forth over the stone.’