Definition of pix in English:


Pronunciation /piks/ /pɪks/

plural noun

  • Pictures, especially photographs.

    • ‘a book of song lyrics and intimate pix’
    • ‘The Reuters photo editor assured me, however, that the pix were clearly labeled as ISM pictures.’
    • ‘Eastman house has the largest collection of pix from the dawn of photography up until the contemporary era, after which other institutions then took the lead.’
    • ‘Finally my official photographer has sent me some pix.’
    • ‘In iPhoto, for example, you can more speedily breeze through your picture library and rate individual pix with zero to five stars.’
    • ‘The ability to share digital pix with buddies and friends through a ‘chat’ model, based on the metaphor of a scrollable and savable filmstrip is really great.’
    • ‘He has posted pix of the anti-war protest in San Francisco this past weekend which should be seen by every American.’
    • ‘They take pix with their digital cameras, they come home, put the memory card into their printers and print index sheets and great photos, right then and there.’
    • ‘The pix are shot with a telephoto from about 50 yards away.’
    • ‘We exchanged pix, and he sent me his Web page right away - and he matched exactly all the descriptions I'd sent to the previous guy.’
    • ‘So I guess I'll post all the pix from my parties up there after I've compiled them, and then, well, they'll be there.’
    • ‘The latest story, in Newsweek, has a clever pix of Craig with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ fuzzy feet.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of dog pix have been uploaded to date.’
    • ‘He's blogging live and continuously from the city with pix and a camera feed giving you the stories that aren't in the mainstream media.’
    • ‘I'll post announcements as I add more pix throughout the rest of the holidays.’
    • ‘We took some good pix but they'll have to wait until we're back.’
    • ‘If you go here, you get a very nice slide show filled with swoon-worthy pix.’
    • ‘It's official; I've seen pix from the press-conference where he announced it.’
    • ‘I've been into finding the various installations for a number of years and started the group so people could upload their own pix of them.’
    • ‘Digital cameras are fun, and it's obviously easy to email your pix on, but they won't look so good printed out and stuck in a photo album.’
    • ‘I'm not sure about posting pix from that event but here we are.’


1920s pluralized abbreviation.