Definition of pixie dust in English:

pixie dust


  • A substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck.

    ‘the folks who live there still seem to believe that they've been sprinkled with pixie dust’
    • ‘There's no denying there remains a certain mystique about popular girls - like there's a special kind of pixie dust sprinkled on them.’
    • ‘I show up and sprinkle pixie dust around and say everything will be alright and you get on with the arduous task of chasing agencies and websites’
    • ‘Since then it has become all too clear that Swedish entrepreneurs are no more sprinkled with pixie dust than the rest of us.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we continue to sprinkle pixie dust on everything we do in an effort to market products.’
    • ‘But Disney shares still need a sprinkling of pixie dust.’
    • ‘All she'd hoped for was little bit of happiness, an ounce of pixie dust, half a miracle.’
    • ‘Back when all you needed were trust and a little pixie dust, scores of people became health care professionals.’
    • ‘The trick is to monetize this buzz, to make liberal use of her celebrity pixie dust to undo the damage her legal woes did to her company.’
    • ‘‘The original conception was that IT was something like pixie dust,’ says the director of the institute.’
    • ‘The venture has subsequently attracted worldwide attention because nearby Google is one of the bidders, and no corporation can bring the city more of the the magic pixie dust of fame than Google can, right now.’
    • ‘Perhaps a soul is a physical entity, some sort of mystical pixie dust residing inside the heart of the human.’
    • ‘The people in these photo studios must be using some sort of magical cameras covered in mystical pixie dust, because when regular cameras capture Britney it never turns out looking this good.’
    • ‘Let's start the discussion with the onetime wunderkind who saved the Walt Disney Co. in the 1980s and has more recently been trying - and failing - to recapture the pixie dust of those glory days.’
    • ‘‘The positive thinking I talk about is reality-based as opposed to pixie dust,’ he tells us.’
    • ‘Every day the 45,000 Vacation Kingdom ‘cast members’ dispense good will and pixie dust, plant over 5,000 bedding plants and take in an average of 100 pairs of sunglasses at the Lost and Found.’
    • ‘But obviously, Arizona has been successful and became so in a very short time, so yeah, I figure that it is a matter of biorhythms and pixie dust that the three pitcher-park teams are favored.’
    • ‘Maybe there was pixie dust in that room because after that, the moment was never mentioned again, although I did tell some friends of mine online.’
    • ‘And the entire year was still covered in the pixie dust of Moulin Rouge.’
    • ‘All you need is a wonderful thought and a little trust and of course a pinch of pixie dust.’
    • ‘It's the way he speaks - which is unnatural - and it makes it very special because everything he writes has a little bit of pixie dust, or something mannered, on it.’


1950s from the magic dust that enabled humans to fly in J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan.