Definition of placeman in English:



  • A person appointed to a position, especially in government service, for personal profit and as a reward for political support.

    ‘he vetoed the appointment of a Labour councillor in favour of his Tory placeman’
    • ‘In this respect, the oligarchs and their political placemen who insist that their right to stolen property is sacred make the same crude claim as the regime that we overthrew: that they have an indefeasible right to the exercise of power.’
    • ‘It also indicates that many Labour ministers aren't sincere believers in the Third Way, but are placemen and women interested chiefly in their careers.’
    • ‘However, a new way of appointing or electing its members is required which will effectively avoid both placemen and a mix of political views which mirror the House of Commons.’
    • ‘High flat rate payments merely encourage the nomination of placemen who may have little or no connection with the areas they represent and whose attendance may be sparse.’
    • ‘Critics of the selection procedure within the party say that the union influence is installing a number of placemen who will merely act as Labour voting fodder in the House of Commons.’