Definition of plage in English:



  • 1dated A beach by the sea, especially at a fashionable resort.

    • ‘This summer, heart-warming scenes like the above are being played out across the plages and dance floors of Europe, in the cantinas and tapas bars.’
    • ‘Still they are complaining about the traffic, even though they'll be on the real plage somewhere.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, down on the plage at the other end of the avenue, fights had broken out as ticketless fans watched the match on a big screen.’
    • ‘The light is opaque, and the beach looks soft and European like a Monet view of the plage.’
    seaside, seashore, shore, coast, coastline, coastal region, seaboard, foreshore, water's edge, margin
  • 2Astronomy
    An unusually bright region on the sun.

    ‘Prominences, flares, plages, and other features of the solar chromosphere can be observed in hydrogen light.’
    ‘Prominences and plages are structures that occur above the photosphere of the Sun.’





/plɑːʒ/ /pleɪdʒ/