Definition of plague-like in English:



  • (of a disease) resembling plague in its severity or the rapidity with which it spreads.

    ‘plague-like outbreaks of disease’
    • ‘The most affecting scenes in the novel are those depicting the decimation wrought by this plague-like contagion.’
    • ‘The plague-like existence of advertising, and the emergence and popularity of reality television programmes such as Big Brother, seem to confirm our current obsession with being 'in it'.’
    • ‘They are forced to hole up in a shopping mall in a desperate fight for their lives, when a plague-like event unleashes armies of flesh-eating zombies.’
    • ‘Very unusual and increasingly violent phenomena are originating from nature all over the world in the form of weather disturbances and plague-like new diseases.’
    • ‘But I understood that the fall of the Western Roman Empire was preceded by a population collapse due to repeated plague like epidemics.’
    • ‘While serious and deadly, it is it is not plague-like, and science moved very quickly to isolate the virus.’
    plague-like, contagious, communicable, epidemic, pestilent, dangerous, injurious, harmful, destructive, virulent, pernicious



/ˈplāɡˌlīk/ /ˈpleɪɡˌlaɪk/