Definition of plain chocolate in English:

plain chocolate


mass nounBritish
  • Dark, slightly bitter, chocolate without added milk.

    • ‘They have other fun things like the Tastebud Initiation which includes Aunt Helene's farmhouse chicken or toast with hot goat's cheese and a dessert of little plain chocolate mice.’
    • ‘But this effect was not seen when volunteers drank milk with plain chocolate.’
    • ‘I was very fond of plain chocolate, though it was not as good as what you can buy today.’
    • ‘US dark chocolate is the same as UK plain chocolate, that is, the darkest and least sweet of the chocolates intended for eating (also called bittersweet).’
    • ‘Lindane traces have been found in Thorntons, Nestle and Tesco own - brand chocolate, as well as luxury plain chocolate made by Swiss company Lindt And Sprungli and sold in Sainsbury's, Tesco and Woolworths.’
    • ‘A tiny study in Nature [CrossRef] offers potentially good news for lovers of plain chocolate.’
    • ‘He invites me to join in and, yes, it's true that Kenyan coffee has a citrus, almost lemony taste, while the Abyssinian coffee is dark, full-blooded and winey, and Javan tastes of good plain chocolate.’
    • ‘When she takes a tasting class, Sara sticks to plain chocolate.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure what kind you'd like, so I stuck with plain chocolate.’
    • ‘In that context, your plan to introduce plain chocolate or strawberry flavors, a plan which superficially may make marketing sense, doesn't make branding sense.’
    • ‘Green & Black's do a plain chocolate containing dried fruit and nuts that I think would be better for her.’
    • ‘Before 1958 the dark brown Smartie had a plain chocolate centre and the light brown one tasted of coffee.’


plain chocolate

/ˌpleɪn ˈtʃɒk(ə)lət/