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  • 1Relating to or belonging to a planet or planets.

    ‘the laws of planetary motion’
    • ‘The Universe has its own heavenly sounds, such as pulsars, planetary magnetospheres and solar winds.’
    • ‘Jupiter is the largest of our nine planets, containing two-thirds of the planetary mass of our Solar System.’
    • ‘In 1954 he developed his work on dynamical systems in relation to planetary motion.’
    • ‘Six of these discoveries are of planetary systems with two or more planets.’
    • ‘His work ran the gamut from star and planetary system formation to the study of the planets themselves.’
    • ‘This lead may account for the missing evidence of red dwarfs forming planetary systems.’
    • ‘Another example of these points is provided by Kepler's work on planetary motion.’
    • ‘New planetary star systems and galaxies are being discovered almost daily.’
    • ‘As solar system exploration continues, so too will planetary protection policies.’
    • ‘So many, perhaps most, of these so-called planetary systems may in fact be stellar or brown dwarf binaries.’
    • ‘This strange planetary system came as quite a surprise to secular astronomers.’
    • ‘The first of his laws of planetary motion asserts that planets orbit the Sun in ellipses.’
    • ‘This tradition owed much to Ptolemy's work on planetary motions.’
    • ‘Lunar and planetary exploration is a proposition far different from orbiting Earth.’
    • ‘Now, though, the planetary astronomy community has an opportunity to make a breakout move.’
    • ‘Newton, too, chose to work principally in the more traditional field of planetary astronomy.’
    • ‘The solar motion is relatively constant, but the planetary motion appears to change greatly according to the direction from which it is seen.’
    • ‘If so, such a cropping would have directly affected the development of our entire planetary system.’
    • ‘This is the smallest potential solar system ever seen, and could help scientists understand more about how planetary systems form.’
    • ‘Embedded in this crucible of star creation are embryonic planetary systems.’
    celestial, planetary, stellar, astronomic, heavenly
    1. 1.1Relating to the earth as a planet.
      ‘planetary air pollution and climatic change’
      • ‘What are the odds of one of these things hitting the planet Earth and causing planetary devastation?’
      • ‘On behalf of all of us who work together for the good of the whole we urge the planetary members of the Earth to be on high alert.’
      • ‘The story is that huge earthquakes are ripping earth apart, and a planetary evacuation needs to be set underway.’
      • ‘The planetary germ-plasm is a commons befalling generation on generation, and it is at risk.’
      • ‘For some, the UN still holds out hope for a planetary social contract for the age of globalization.’
      • ‘The earth itself is feeling the planetary force, influence or information departing along those lines.’
      global, international, intercontinental, world, universal, planetary, pandemic



/ˈplanəˌterē/ /ˈplænəˌtɛri/


Late 16th century from late Latin planetarius ‘relating to the planets’ (recorded only as a noun meaning ‘astrologer’), from planeta ‘planet’.