Definition of planetary gear in English:

planetary gear

(also planetary wheel)

Pronunciation /ˈplanəˌterē ɡi(ə)r/ /ˈplænəˌtɛri ɡɪ(ə)r/

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‘This is assisted by a refinement in the Super-Select four-wheel drive system which features a constant mesh torque transmitter unit and centre differential with planetary gears and Viscous Coupling Unit.’
  • ‘The rear transaxle is also a three shaft configuration with one motor/generator and no planetary gears.’
  • ‘The delivering program includes spur gears, bevel gears, planetary gears, and slewing gears, to name just a few.’
  • ‘Under the skin are all the expected pieces: a 250-hp six-cylinder boxer motor mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, a planetary gear center differential, and a fully independent suspension.’
  • ‘The fun begins when the ECU disengages the electromagnetic locking unit (which assures normal mechanical steering in the event of any electronic systems failure) and tells the electric motor to spin the planetary gear set's carrier.’
  • ‘The differential also has a built-in planetary gear acceleration device that can overdrive the outside rear wheel by up to 5% while cornering, reducing understeer so the car can track more precisely through turns.’
  • ‘In a typical single-mode input power-split transmission, like the ones found in the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape, power from the engine drives a planetary gear set that splits the power between the final drive axle and the electric motor.’
  • ‘The planetary gear wheel-drive system provides more torque to the drive tires and allows the traction system hydraulics to run more efficiently, with less heat build-up than direct coupled hydraulic motors.’
  • ‘Torque distribution under load is determined by the combination of the automatic transmission's electronically controlled hydraulic clutch and a planetary gear center differential.’
  • ‘Instead the motor, separate generator and the engine are all geared together through a single planetary gear set called a Power Split Device.’
  • ‘A planetary gear with two input and one output shaft is built into the steering column; one of the input shafts is connected to the steering wheel.’
  • ‘It will add a front differential and a transfer case with a planetary gear center differential.’
  • ‘Wheel motors also eliminate the need for a planetary gear set or transmission.’
  • ‘The transmission has a planetary gear train and a hydrodynamic torque converter.’
  • ‘This last-named function means that MG1, which is connected to the sun gear in the power split planetary gear set, controls the output speed of the transaxle by regulating the amount of electrical power it generates, as that varies its rpm.’
  • ‘To chart a course through the universe of planetary gear sets and ratio variators, we've organized the bold aspirations we gathered polling major transmission manufacturers into five emerging categories.’
  • ‘The system uses two water/oil-cooled permanent magnet electric motors designated MG1 and MG2 and two planetary gear sets.’
  • ‘There is an electronically controlled torque converter supplied by LuK, a forward-reverse clutch and planetary gear set, and the input pulley on one axis.’
  • ‘Electrically operated brake including two electric motors connected to planetary gear device, and braking system including such brake or brakes’
  • ‘The drive unit takes power down the centerline of the car through a carbon fiber composite driveshaft to a rear drive unit with three planetary gear and clutch sets.’