Definition of plasma sheet in English:

plasma sheet

Pronunciation /ˈplazmə SHēt/ /ˈplæzmə ʃit/


  • A layer of plasma in the magnetotail of the earth (or another planet), lying in the equatorial plane beyond the plasmapause, with two divergent branches that reach the earth at polar latitudes.

    ‘They accumulate around the equator of Earth in the radiation belts and the tail of the magnetosphere in a dense region known as the plasma sheet.’
    • ‘Only if the plasma sheet is full and it has an oppositely pointing magnetic field can a geomagnetic storm be triggered, according to the 20-day study with IMAGE.’
    • ‘The electrons and protons in each half of the plasma rotate in opposite direction forming a huge ‘dynamo’ with the positive pole on the side of the plasma sheet facing dawn and the negative pole facing evening.’
    • ‘Unlike the other satellites, Metis and Adrastea orbit faster than Jupiter's plasma sheet, the dense swarm of trapped charged particles that corotates with the jovian magnetic field.’
    • ‘Unlike field lines of the tail lobes, those of the plasma sheet do cross the equator, though they are quite stretched out.’