Definition of plastisol in English:



  • A liquid substance which can be converted into a solid plastic simply by heating, consisting of particles of synthetic resin dispersed in a nonvolatile liquid.

    ‘Some products, called plastisols, contain no solvent and consist of polymers dispersed in a liquid plasticizer.’
    • ‘The light absorbing coating may comprise one of a paint, a lacquer, a tape, a ceramic, a hot melt plastic, a resinous plastic, a plastisol, or an epoxy material.’
    • ‘Upon heating the plastisol coating to a temperature which is sufficient to cause fusion of resins contained therein, a highly permeable polymeric ply having the appearance of a smooth, continuous film is formed.’
    • ‘Plastisols are available in a huge choice of colours and finishes and are widely used for internal and external construction applications, as well as general engineering.’



/ˈplastəˌsôl/ /ˈplæstəˌsɔl/


1940s from the noun plastic+ sol.