Definition of plastral in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplastrəl/


See plastron

‘The plastral bridge is considerably longer at its base (= axilloinguinal distance) than the posterior plastral lobe, but the anterior lobe is the shortest plastral element.’
  • ‘Turtles in the treatment group exhibited substantial loss in bone density in skulls, vertebrae, carpals, plastral and hypoplastral elements, and limb midshaft cortices.’
  • ‘The plastral index is high in Dexmalochelys, Corsochelys, and Mesodermochdys and in Cenozoic dermochelyids, but these also have very large lateral and medial fontanelles as well as overall reduction of all bones in the plastron.’
  • ‘The problematic cheloniid Allopleuron has strongly divergent scapular processes, a high plastral bridge index, reduced shell ossification, and loss of scute sulci in common with dermochelyoids.’
  • ‘These articulation surfaces show that the entoplastron was relatively small; however, the suture between epiplastra indicates that the medial gap between right and left plastral elements was large.’