Definition of plate-tectonic in English:



See plate tectonics

‘Next are three chapters that deal with the origin of magmas, magmatic differentiation, and plate-tectonic settings related to magma generation.’
  • ‘His introduction gives an overview of geologic time, plate-tectonic history, and glaciers to set the stage for the rest of the book.’
  • ‘Oil and natural gas are the products of the deep burial and decomposition of accumulated organic material in geologic basins that flank mountain ranges formed by plate-tectonic processes.’
  • ‘They also argue that the hot surface layer would have been too buoyant to sink in subduction zones, and without sinking plates, the whole plate-tectonic cycle grinds to a halt.’
  • ‘‘It solves, in a sense, this 30-year mystery of how the East African rift fits in kinematically in the plate-tectonic scheme,’ says Gordon.’