Definition of platinum card in English:

platinum card


(also Platinum Card Trademark)
  • A credit card made available to individuals with high credit ratings, which carries certain privileges that are unavailable to holders of other cards.

    ‘But it seems that affluent Irish people will to forced to wait before even the platinum card is available here.’
    • ‘The Halifax has also introduced a new credit platinum card, charging 2.9% annually for the first five months.’
    • ‘Extreme beauty, as well as a platinum card, gains you privileged access in Funky Buddha.’
    • ‘Most gold and platinum card holders come outside of those two months.’
    • ‘While the platinum card's rate of 18.15 per cent is lower than other cards, the offer as part of a lifestyle survey comes at a time when consumer credit is blowing out.’
    • ‘I recall also that Jesus fed all of the masses that day on the hillside at the Sea of Galilee, not turning away anyone who lacked a platinum card to buy fishes and loaves.’
    • ‘I plan to try this with my credit card company immediately and see if I can get ‘re-elected’ to my platinum card.’
    • ‘As the numbers of gold card members swelled, they sought further distinctions, such as the black card that was quickly replaced by the platinum card.’
    • ‘I can fly around the world on a platinum card twenty times over if I want, and join the legions of the unpaying, of the life-debtors reminiscing over their big fling before cutting the card into the bin.’
    • ‘But, of course, with high standards come high prices and a severe door policy, so don't even venture to Deansgate without your platinum card and your latest finery.’
    • ‘Feeling apprehensive, she touched the golden doorknob accented on dark wood, and before she could bat an eyelid, in a blue flash a platinum card appeared beside her hand.’
    • ‘Luckily he still sends us a big fat check, which of course, pays for my platinum card.’
    • ‘The vice-chairman and managing director received the first platinum card to mark the launch in the city.’
    • ‘Robby whipped out his platinum card and told her her that he had it covered.’
    • ‘As a last resort, I was close to flashing my platinum card right in front of his nose.’
    • ‘She's also attending mixed private school, courtesy of a scholarship, and is automatically trapped within the 3 percentile minority that can't fix every given situation with daddy's platinum card.’
    • ‘People wishing to apply for the platinum card must earn more than a not-too-demanding €38,000 or £30,000 per annum to qualify.’
    • ‘For the first time in its 154-year history, AmEx will have carte blanche to issue plastic through U.S. banks and flood the market with millions of its green, gold, and platinum cards.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I generally travel for business, which is company-paid, and always with reserved seating on one of two airlines where I hold gold and platinum cards.’
    • ‘They can help a bank acquire more card holders and transfer balances from competing cards to the new one; they can also attempt to upgrade customers to gold and platinum cards.’