Definition of platteland in English:



mass noun
  • Remote country districts.

    ‘better farming is the key to stopping people moving from the platteland to the cities’
    • ‘One terrible irony is that as a result of Mugabe's fast-track land reform our rural areas are suddenly becoming more, not less, like the worst situations in the South African platteland.’
    • ‘I used to do the farm rounds with him; rounding up sheep, counting, checking fences - it was a vast piece of flat, dry platteland and great sheep country.’
    • ‘The family had by then moved to Soweto, victims of the rise of the archetype of white dominance on the platteland whose success often depended first on black tenants, then on black workers.’
    • ‘How many others like this are playing rugby on the platteland?’
    • ‘Van Rooyen shook all the right hands, made promises and also did the walkabouts, not into suburbia, but the platteland.’
    • ‘How will they represent the aspiration of a young kid on the platteland who is more keen to see the sea than the Boks?’
    • ‘Struggling towns on the platteland should follow this example when trying to come up with schemes to stimulate their local economies through pro-active measures, former SA ambassador to the US, Franklin Sonn, said yesterday.’
    • ‘Originally, Goldblatt intended to photograph the 120 points in the country where lines of latitude and longitude intersect but abandoned this idea for a more serendipitous journey into the platteland.’
    • ‘With the start of the new season comes the circuit of agricultural fairs for which the platteland is so well known.’
    • ‘Growing up in the platteland I had hours of fun making and baking clay oxen.’
    countryside, green belt, great outdoors


  • Belonging to or characteristic of remote country districts; rustic.

    ‘he spoke in strong platteland Afrikaans’
    • ‘There was a young Afrikaans-speaking minister in a little platteland dorp who was having problems concentrating during his sermons because so many of the congregation were having bad coughing fits.’
    • ‘It was reminiscent of the television commercial which shows a cheating singer being chased out of a platteland town when a record he mimes to gets stuck.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘flat land’.