Definition of platyhelminth in English:



  • An invertebrate of the phylum Platyhelminthes; a flatworm.

    • ‘He also concluded that nemerteans, platyhelminths, and rotifers never had a prototroch.’
    • ‘It is of course possible that Rouse's decision to score platyhelminths, nemerteans, and rotifers as lacking a prototroch is defendable, and perhaps even preferable over scoring them as possessing a prototroch.’
    • ‘Unlike the situation in nematodes and platyhelminths, substantial evidence supports a close phylogenetic affinity of acanthocephalans to the predominately free-living rotifers.’
    • ‘In contrast to platyhelminths, nemerteans possess a circulatory system, comprised of fluid-filled, cell-lined channels situated between the gut and body-wall musculature.’
    • ‘Parasitism is a common phenomenon in many animal taxa, from simple platyhelminths to vertebrates such as fish and birds.’