Definition of platykurtic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpladiˈkərdik/ /ˌplædɪˈkərdɪk/


  • (of a frequency distribution or its graphical representation) having less kurtosis than the normal distribution.

    ‘All distributions of signed asymmetry tended to be lepto - rather than platykurtic, so antisymmetry could definitely be excluded.’
    Compare with leptokurtic, mesokurtic
    • ‘The best-fitting models therefore imply platykurtic distributions of mutational effects, although it is not possible to discriminate between these models and models involving bimodal distributions of mutation effects.’
    • ‘For instance, regenerative recruitment of adjacent release units might explain the platykurtic sub-population of sparks under some experimental conditions.’


Early 20th century from platy-‘broad, flat’ + Greek kurtos ‘bulging’+ -ic.