Definition of platypussary in English:


(also platypusary)

nounplatypussaries, platypusaries

  • An enclosure or building in which platypuses are kept.

    ‘he will grow up to entertain visitors in the reserve's platypussary’
    • ‘A platypussary displaying the delicate and unique monotreme was the central feature of the section.’
    • ‘The highlight of the Australian section was a platypussary.’
    • ‘Its home was a "platypussary" constructed in the garden.’
    • ‘He designed a platypussary, in which one of the monotremes lived for months and was seen by thousands of people.’
    • ‘There is a good chance that he will survive and grow up to entertain visitors in the Reserve's platypussary.’
    • ‘He describes his method of creating a portable platypussary.’
    • ‘It offered a great many attractions, including a platypussary.’
    • ‘He was responsible for designing the platypussary that took five platypuses to the New York Zoo in 1922.’
    • ‘The original doorway up on the north side of the Platypussary was abandoned.’
    • ‘I had to wait until I visited a local naturalist with a miniature nature reserve, complete with a platypussary.’


1930s from platypus + -ary.