Definition of plausibility in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of seeming reasonable or probable.

    ‘he offers no support for the plausibility of his theory’
    • ‘The interpretation is made in regards to the placement of the story rather than its plausibility.’
    • ‘Let's not start with the holes in plausibility, or the falsely happy ending.’
    • ‘The plausibility of this is something you should evaluate by yourself.’
    • ‘The plausibility of the piece is preposterous.’
    • ‘I think the play is too outrageous for claims of social plausibility to carry very far.’
    • ‘She lends the film much-needed plausibility, despite nagging doubts that she is a smidgen too old to be playing such roles.’
    • ‘What people want is plausibility, not realism.’
    • ‘For all the freak imagery and wanton derangement, there was a certain plausibility to the pop stars of the sixties.’
    • ‘We are driven to see the terrible absurdity of Othello's misunderstandings, as well as their plausibility and consequences.’
    • ‘The episodes contain humor and breadth, but test the limits of plausibility.’