Definition of plausibly in English:



  • In a way that seems reasonable or probable.

    ‘both candidates can plausibly claim victory is within their reach’
    • ‘She moves plausibly from girlish complicity in her half-brother's fantasies to vengeful grief.’
    • ‘The body of the lead actor is the kind of special effect that no CGI wizard could plausibly create.’
    • ‘That great sprinkling of stardust over a plausibly assumed 'ordinariness' with which we identify is what chemistry is all about.’
    • ‘We may plausibly infer that he has also acquired habits of dental hygiene in the great world.’
    • ‘The film quite plausibly suggests that her interpretation makes the wrong things of the right ideas.’
    • ‘Given his sex, he can 'invent' but cannot plausibly 'mother' his monster.’
    • ‘The reference to 'spreading flocks' would more plausibly refer to the lambing season, in early spring, when flocks enlarge dramatically.’
    • ‘One may plausibly guess that her guardians have noted her condition.’
    • ‘Of the seven identified or plausibly identifiable books, not one is a book of histories, myths, or fables by a classical author.’
    • ‘The shapes and surface are only those which can occur plausibly within and on a rectangular plane.’