Definition of play away in English:

play away

phrasal verb

  • 1British Play a sports fixture on an opponent's ground.

    • ‘In France, if there is more than one division between the teams drawn together, the higher team plays away as a handicap.’
    • ‘The professional clubs come in at the third round and this time it will be an open draw, with the amateurs not having to play away.’
    • ‘In a ground share, the standard arrangement is that, on a given weekend, one team plays at home while the other plays away.’
    • ‘On Sunday Oaks played away to rivals Long Lee and lost 1-0 despite being on top for most of the game.’
    • ‘Friday rugby would also give our staff a proper weekend break and that would be appreciated by the players who, when we play away on a Sunday, have no time at all with their families.’
    • ‘Crooks added: ‘Barnsley are on a good run but they'll know how well we play away and will be a bit worried.’’
    • ‘In short, nobody wants to play away to New Zealand.’
    • ‘When you play away you expect the home team to start off the better of the two sides.’
    • ‘We want to perform in front of our own fans instead of reserving the best for when we play away, and Bath need the win to claw themselves away from the relegation zone.’
    • ‘I believe the team can raise their game by at least another 20 percent and even though we are playing away we can win this final.’
    1. 1.1informal (of a married person) have a love affair.
      • ‘I'm amazed the number of my married women friends who've played away since their fifties.’
      • ‘A one-night stand cost him an estimated stg £100m when his wife, Pamela, found out that he had been playing away from home.’
      • ‘I was married with a little boy by now but my wife fell in love with someone else and I was playing away.’
      • ‘Lowly Wigan's problems mount - they are like the cheating husband who gets his kicks by playing away!’
      • ‘With fame and wealth come more opportunities to play away, but it is selfish to believe that only the players feel lonely.’
      • ‘If you can live with that (and without your current BF when he finds out), play away!’