Definition of play date in English:

play date


  • A social occasion arranged for children to play together.

    ‘Hannah has a play date with a friend after school’
    • ‘Busy parents hate getting word of a play date 15 minutes before you need a lift.’
    • ‘I've never had a parent come up to me before a play date and say, ‘I want you to know that our daughter has a mother and a father.’’
    • ‘Parents might also arrange for a play date at a familiar friend's home.’
    • ‘She drops the kids off at school, hauls groceries at Shaw's Supermarket, and handles the play date and soccer game and breakfast-lunch-dinner regimen.’
    • ‘We're having our first play date since Lice Fest 2004.’
    • ‘Tomorrow, get ready for a play date with Ludacris.’
    • ‘I'm actually taking Roman to that instead of Max, since Max already had a play date booked with a certain dark-haired elfin cutie.’
    • ‘Saturday night we attended a dinner party at a friend's house and because they have a dog the exact color and size of Chuck we brought him along so that he could have a play date.’
    • ‘The next day, I told him he couldn't go to nursery school or on his play date with his friend Luke, he would have to spend the day with the sitter.’
    • ‘We have a play date with our youngest grandchild, and we don't want to miss it.’
    • ‘I asked this kid's mother whether the little girl wants to have a play date with my daughter and she said no, she has to go to German lessons.’
    • ‘Here are some ideas to get you started: Invite someone over for coffee; start a walking group or a book club; if you have children, set up a play date.’
    • ‘My mom was like ‘let's set up a play date for you kids’ and I'm sure Chris went positively green, though it was dark out by that time.’
    • ‘That first year, 1995, written camp guidelines were sent to the children in advance, stressing that this was camp, not a play date.’
    • ‘Today was his turn to host Destiny and Brian's play date.’
    • ‘A neighbor can volunteer to drive a child to soccer practice, or a weekly play date outside the home can be arranged, to allow the mother to rest.’
    • ‘At the end of their play date, they had become good friends.’
    • ‘Ellie was on a play date with a girl from her pre-school class.’
    • ‘Susan had a pre-set play date with some of her friends here at the park, and they were to meet in the playground under the monkey bars.’
    • ‘My parents were out of town for the day and Rick had a play date.’