Definition of play favorites in English:

play favorites


North American
  • Show favoritism toward someone or something.

    ‘the Soviet diplomat said he wasn't playing favorites in the presidential campaign’
    • ‘They crowded around her, and Koko, who plays favourites, asked one woman wearing red to come closer.’
    • ‘People were swearing at me the whole time and accusing me of playing favourites.’
    • ‘Many smash repairers say the insurance companies are going too far, and playing favourites, even amongst the preferred repairers.’
    • ‘I think the publisher is just playing favourites and I'm very offended.’
    • ‘It was announced only that the climate in the team was not good, and that he had played favourites with some players.’
    • ‘You could tell the teacher played favourites, and that I wouldn't be one of them.’
    • ‘‘I'm the prime minister of Australia, you have to understand I don't play favourites between different parts of the country, ‘he said.’’
    • ‘How could I ever play favourites between these two.’
    • ‘I won't start naming them cause I don't want to play favourites.’
    • ‘She didn't play favourites: she treated me just as she would any of her other students, calling on me to answer questions, say words.’