Definition of play the field in English:

play the field


  • Indulge in a series of sexual relationships without committing oneself to anyone.

    • ‘And so she breaks up with me because (I think) she still wants the freedom of being able to play the field.’
    • ‘By today's standards, you married young, so there's a chance you don't feel you played the field long enough.’
    • ‘She plays the field, she figures out where she's at, she knows her status and she says ‘I'm capable of getting this guy’.’
    • ‘I wanted to call her and set up a date Saturday night, but after playing the field for so many years I knew that it would seem a little eager so I told myself to wait until Monday afternoon.’
    • ‘I was too busy with school for a bigger commitment and he was interested in playing the field (although without any apparent success).’
    • ‘Cool secretly plans to marry Irene when he's finished playing the field, but Irene has plans of her own in a twist that will leave readers jumping.’
    • ‘Relationships expert Dr Raj Persaud admits the findings go against the received view of commitment-shy blokes who like nothing more than playing the field.’
    • ‘He has been playing the field since his 1993 divorce from Susan Brown, a Yorkshirewoman to whom he was married for 19 years.’
    • ‘This unequal parental investment leaves males free to spend more of their energies playing the field, mating wise.’
    • ‘So I'd known a lot of girls, she'd known a lot of guys, and I think we were kind of fed up with playing the field by the time we got together.’