Definition of playfully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplāf(ə)lē/ /ˈpleɪf(ə)li/

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  • In a light-hearted manner.

    ‘Lily laughed and playfully slapped him across the chest’
    • ‘The historical information the audience brings to the film is dissected playfully.’
    • ‘Monkeys, with engagingly human faces, juggle playfully with oranges.’
    • ‘The flies, despite their immobility, seem to dance playfully like marionettes on a stage.’
    • ‘The mural playfully contrasts with his more introspective recent works.’
    • ‘They are playfully bouncing in front of a large oval mirror, thrilled at their own reflections.’
    • ‘Watch how she playfully matches Astaire's footwork, much to his delight.’
    • ‘The house's spatial bounty playfully adjusts to the irregular topography of this Mexican city.’
    • ‘An effective illusionistic device, the lattice seems to emanate from the center of the canvas, playfully lending the work a sense of depth.’
    • ‘Her optically dazzling, playfully psychedelic paintings are open to the charge of being about nothing more than retinal pleasure.’
    • ‘The camera cuts to young Jason spinning playfully on the counter stool.’