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  • Satisfying or appealing.

    ‘the pleasing austerity of the surroundings’
    • ‘The materials used on the exteriors give the house a pleasing, weathered appearance.’
    • ‘The organ score accompanying the film sounds quite pleasing.’
    • ‘Wilson develops his argument through a pleasing series of case studies.’
    • ‘To appeal to a 15-year-old, fragrances generally need a pleasing, unsophisticated, somewhat fruity or floral top note.’
    • ‘Some of the things that irritate you about him are also very pleasing at the same time.’
    • ‘The problem is that most corporate sites often lack a pleasing form.’
    • ‘Most of the other starters, however, including the thick, roasted butternut squash soup, were quite pleasing.’
    • ‘No, it's not pleasing to the eye.’
    • ‘There were plenty of pleasing aspects, not least that York completed all their sets of six in the first half.’
    • ‘The title doesn't evoke an entirely pleasing image.’
    • ‘Used in cologne and perfumes, the smell is distinctive and very pleasing.’
    • ‘The music was very tuneful and pleasing the ear.’
    • ‘Taureans adore comfort and like being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things.’
    • ‘A lot of design and technology has been applied to the glider and the result has been very pleasing.’
    • ‘There was not a moment when the show was not pleasing.’
    • ‘It is time to replace this portrait with a more pleasing experience.’
    • ‘Artists must concentrate on making their presentations visually apt and pleasing.’
    • ‘After the interval a group of six musicians gave a pleasing rendering of three modern pieces.’
    • ‘There is an awesome cathedral in Seville, and a number of other aesthetically pleasing buildings.’
    • ‘It is a major variety in New Guinea, with a flavour which is sweet and pleasing.’



/ˈplēziNG/ /ˈplizɪŋ/