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  • Pliable.

    ‘pliant willow stems’
    • ‘an economy pliant to political will’
    • ‘From olden times the principle of gentleness has been symbolized by a willow branch or a bamboo, which is pliant and not easily broken.’
    • ‘She threw enough flour in the pot for the batter to finally seem doughy, and it began to feel soft and pliant and I could take it out of the mixing pot to knead it.’
    • ‘At first glance, the powered parachute appears a hermaphroditic aircraft - half loud, thrusting engine, half soft, pliant airfoil.’
    • ‘The fabrics are soft and pliant, in silk and cashmere blends, while the colors revolve around a strong palette of slate and off-blacks, accented with brights such as yellow and sky blue.’
    • ‘I heard it, felt it, saw it, sensed it - yet I couldn't tell if I were dreaming or if the pliant soft flesh against my lips was real.’
    • ‘A different set of lips, soft and pliant, not demanding, rained kisses down his throat, then stopped.’
    • ‘He took his arms away from her soft, pliant, warm waist, and shivered at the sudden cold, before falling backwards and stumbling off the bed.’
    • ‘Whatever halted their ungainly landing recovery, however, was a great deal softer and more pliant than the opposing wall of the tunnel would have been.’
    • ‘Her soft pliant body molded perfectly against him.’
    • ‘A lazy grin spreading over his sleepy face, Shanza burrowed into the heat happily, nose pressed against something soft and pliant.’
    • ‘Most readers will be familiar with the various physical exercises and postures of yoga, the purpose of which is to make the body supple, pliant, and healthy.’
    • ‘This makes the leather soft and pliant, and suitable for such things as clothing.’
    • ‘She had missed those soft, full, and pliant lips.’
    • ‘Now is the time to try for puppies, while her bones remain pliant for easy delivery and we have more free time now that Grandma no longer needs our presence.’
    • ‘There the pillow would have awaited a weary child, come to nestle his head against its pliant form after a morning swimming at the beach.’



/ˈplīənt/ /ˈplaɪənt/


Middle English from French, literally ‘bending’, present participle of plier.