Definition of plicate in English:



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  • Folded, crumpled, or corrugated.

    ‘However, like palms and some members of the Iridales, they have plicate leaves, and these leaf forms are among the earliest known fossil monocots.’
    • ‘During the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, many shells became coarsely plicate.’
    • ‘The lenticular, keeled conch form and evolute, coarsely plicate juvenile whorls of Eoprodromites were anticipated by the Pseudarietitinae.’
    • ‘However, as Neuman and Bates stated, a close relationship with the Huenellidae seems unlikely, as the representatives of this family possess typical wide-hinged, strongly plicate shells.’
    • ‘All of these reach a large size and are radially plicate.’
    • ‘Spirifer, a typical genus of this time (top of page), is characterized by plicate shells with a wide hinge line.’
    • ‘The species has a characteristic ambococliid interior, but the medially plicate ornamentation is unknown elsewhere.’
    fold, tuck, crease, gather, pucker, crimp



/ˈplīˌkāt/ /ˈplaɪˌkeɪt/ /ˈplīkət/ /ˈplaɪkət/


Mid 18th century from Latin plicatus ‘folded’, past participle of plicare.