Definition of ploidy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈploidē/ /ˈplɔɪdi/


  • The number of sets of chromosomes in a cell, or in the cells of an organism.

    as modifier ‘ploidy levels’
    • ‘Four of the chromosome counts represented new ploidy levels.’
    • ‘Grass genomes differ greatly in chromosome number, ploidy level, and size.’
    • ‘Chromosome number and ploidy vary greatly and there is much overlap between them.’
    • ‘Leaf size is increased by greater cell ploidy, but the mechanism of this effect is poorly understood.’
    • ‘We used pollen grain size as an indicator of ploidy level by measuring length and width of the pollen grains under a microscope.’


1940s from words such as (di)ploidy and (poly)ploidy.