Definition of plumeria in English:



  • A fragrant flowering tropical tree of a genus which includes frangipani.

    Genus Plumeria, family Apocynaceae

    • ‘So it was inevitable that when Greg and wife Maria moved to coastal Southern California - where the climate is mild enough for kentia palms and plumerias - he seized the opportunity to create his own backyard resort.’
    • ‘If you think about it, orchids, gardenias, heliconias, Birds of Paradise, and plumerias are all lovely additions to gardens in tropical areas.’
    • ‘Since plumerias are dormant and stored in garages and greenhouses for the winter, I would repot it in a larger container in spring.’
    • ‘Some plumerias seldom develop seed pods, while others produce an abundance.’
    • ‘Some gardeners prune plumerias just before moving them into winter storage.’
    • ‘But because of its marked dormancy, a plumeria can be removed from its pot and stored during the cold months.’
    • ‘Fragrant blossoms like plumeria and gardenia are especially nice.’
    • ‘The nursery is currently being used to produce ornamentals such as plumeria, monstera, and dracaena.’
    • ‘How can one gardener grow perfect plumerias year after year, while a close neighbor invariably fails?’
    • ‘Back at your condo, you might take a minute to just sit and smell the plumerias.’
    • ‘The scent includes plumeria, Casablanca lily, Siam wood and musk.’
    • ‘Walk down the sandy track past plumeria trees to the secluded, shady beach.’
    • ‘We were greeted at the door of the restaurant by waiters who were passing out leis made from plumeria flowers and orchids.’
    • ‘In fact, the most common lowland plants seen today are ginger and plumeria.’


Modern Latin, named after Charles Plumier (1646–1704), French botanist.