Definition of plushy in English:


(also plushie)

adjectiveplushier, plushiest

  • Made of or resembling plush; soft to the touch.

    ‘her heels sank into the plushy carpet’
    • ‘She gestured at the soft plushy couches.’
    • ‘They walked into the spacious living room and Lizzy snuggled into the white, plushy sofa as Jane took a chair across from her and patiently waited for her to begin.’
    • ‘Her heels sank into the plushy carpet and left little pinprick holes in the carpet weave as she pasted.’
    • ‘When you entered the foyer it was like going into a different world: deep, luxurious carpets, soft lights, plushy seats, an atmosphere of opulence and glamour.’
    • ‘There are plushy comfy cushioned couches for simply rotting away while listening to the crowd go wild.’


  • A soft toy.