Definition of PMQs in English:


plural noun

  • (in the UK Parliament) a session, held every Wednesday at midday when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the prime minister answers questions from MPs.

    • ‘The chief whip will be annoyed with him for missing PMQs.’
    • ‘Even by PMQs' standards, the noise levels were mad.’
    • ‘He spoke without notes, too: quite brave to do that at PMQs.’
    • ‘Shortly before PMQs, as happens regularly, the latest unemployment statistics were published.’
    • ‘She was not on the Government's frontbenches for PMQs, but standing with other MPs near the door to the Commons chamber.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister was replying to the traditional first question of PMQs in which he is asked to list his official engagements.’
    • ‘While the Commons is seldom full - save for major events such as the Budget - the chamber is standing-room-only for PMQs almost every week.’
    • ‘He faced a chorus of disapproval during PMQs when he stood up to talk about National Carers Week.’
    • ‘His plea during the recent recess for more grown-up behaviour in PMQs was a Speakerly form of naming and shaming.’
    • ‘The Speaker stepped in after the prime minister used the "con man" phrase for a second time during PMQs, telling him it was "frankly unparliamentary".’
    • ‘MPs are not unused to being filmed and PMQs have been broadcast live since 1990.’
    • ‘The report recommended extending PMQs once a month to 45 minutes or an hour, focused on just a few policy areas.’


Abbreviation of Prime Minister’s Questions (the session is announced by the Speaker with the words ‘Questions to the Prime Minister’).