Definition of po-mo in English:


Pronunciation /pō mō/ /poʊ moʊ/


  • short for postmodern

    • ‘po-mo literary theory’
    • ‘Culture jamming, the public act of subverting the power of advertising and other media messages, has a po-mo street credibility that makes it seem like a recent creation of achingly earnest anti-globalist placard-wavers.’
    • ‘There is an inspired hybridity of literary conventions in paragraphs such as this, in which LaFarge, a conflicted realist with a po-mo gamester's skepticism, feels compelled to ironize his own material.’
    • ‘How, exactly, are highly sophisticated, 21st Century po-mo hipsters supposed to relate meaningfully to the archaic mutterings of a long-dead Roman poet on the immutability of change?’
    • ‘In the most memorable section of the book (the part already excerpted in Harper's), Bissell finally sheds his po-mo veneer, awed by the Aral's apocalyptic desolation.’
    • ‘A sage, solemn news story or corporate website is rendered into a sardonic commentary on itself, delivered in the tone of a sneering po-mo lit-studies student.’


  • short for postmodernism

    • ‘po-mo has become mainstream’